Lutheran Church

St. Peter

The following information and photos were copied from the 1967 50th Anniversary Booklet

Christ gave us the command "Teach them to observe all things." We are laying great stress upon our Sunday School, Saturday Catechism and Vacation Bible School. In these we try to give to all our children at least the basic fundamentals of the Christian faith. We sincerely wish that all parents realize their Christian duty to bring their children regularly to any and all of these opportunities for learning and indeed set a good example by attending Adult Bible Class themselves. May God bless the teachers and scholars. When the Sunday school was first organized the pastor had complete charge of our Christian education and was the only teacher. In later years Grace Marienau was selected as superintendent and Willis Harms as her assistant. Additional teachers were also chosen to help. In 1952 Lucille Plueger was elected superintendent by vote of the congregation, holding office until 1959 when the following dedicated people were chosen by the church for this important position. Lucille Plueger 1963-64 Elsie Borchers 1959-61 Dorothy Jelken 1965-66 Frances Juelfs, 6mos 1961 Janice Renken 1967-68 Marion McHale 1961-62 Elmer Wilken has been for many years the Sunday School Secretary-Treasurer. A few notable events in recent years were as follows: 1954 - Began to use attendance pins 1962 - Purchased new ALC Sunday School Hymnals 1965 - Started using the new 3-year catechism material Present enrollment, not counting adult classes is 85. 

 ST. PETER'S SUNDAY SCHOOL Superintendent Janice Renken Secretary-Treasurer Elmer Wilken Cradle Roll Marion McHale Organists Sharon Brooks, Sharman Jelken CRADLE ROLL Darin Albright Suzanne Johnson Stuart Dickman Ann Marie Richards David Wilken Jeffery Oetken Kevin Borchers Max Utesch IV Tamara Oetken Terry Willer Steven Harms NURSERY CLASS Teacher Clara Krienert Substitute Carol Willer Room Off the office Brian Willer Barbara Sordrager Scott Held Todd Oetken Debra Willer Brenda Stinton Debra Renken KINDERGARTEN Teacher Janice Renken Substitute Patsy Varenhorst Room Overflow K. in Sept 1968 Arlene Krienert Lorie Wilken Paul Willer K. Class now. Dennis Anderson Faron Harms Judy Sordrager Michael Borchers Craig Oetken PRIMARY Teacher Marion McHale Substitute Carol Albright Room Stage 1st Grade Holly Andersen Brett Oetken Michael Tjebben Barry Wilken Margaret Krienert Larry Stinton Michael Willer 2nd Grade Debra Albright David Harms John Willer Bradley Brooks Shelly Jelken JUNIOR I Teacher Linda Andersen Substitute Joyce Willer Room Hallway 3rd Grade Richard Harms Kimberly Held JoAnn Krienert JUNIOR II Teacher Peggy Wilken Substitute Hilda Renken Room Kitchen 4th Grade Susan Dickman Judy Mead Julie Strathman Lyle Krienert Pamela Stinton Mary Tjebben

505 Pine St Brunsville, Iowa


"...teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age.” Matt 28:20


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